Saucy season…

Saturday morning at Bar Idda in Brunswick – one of my favourite local restaurants to eat at by the way! a group of 9 or so tomato enthusiasts gather with Lisa and Freddy in the delight of making Passata.

Tis the season of the humble tomato – I personally love tomatoes freshly picked from the garden, sliced on crusty white bread with loads of butter, sea salt and ground pepper. YUM. But another way to make use of the seasonal tasty little gems is to make Passata. Being in season, tomatoes are at their best, sweet and juicy and also inexpensive to buy. Another plus, what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with your family and friends.

Rochelle was lucky enough to join in and photograph the process….super simple but so satisfying.

Photography by Rochelle Seator

I asked Rochelle how the process worked… I love her explanation…

“So firstly cut the tomatoes in half and salt them leaving them over night, approx. 24 hours. Before putting them through the ma jiggy. Sterilize the bottles ??? Not sure how? Then put into bottle, cap them, then pop them into pots of boiling water to seal them completely (takes all the air out ) they also put 2 basil leaves in each bottle.  That’s about it!!”

Photography by Rochelle Seator

Styling by Lee Blaylock

So next tomato season I am going to gather all my friends together and make Passata… during which there will be many laughs and good glasses of wine to be had!

Im sure  Bar Idda will continue to have weekends of Passata making next season so keep an eye out… If you haven’t yet had the privilege of eating at Lisa and Freddy gorgeous restaurant then you must put it on the top of your list… you wont be disappointed.

Note to sterilise your bottles, wash in hot soapy water then rinse well. Place on a tray into a cold oven and turn the oven onto 110 degrees. When the oven reaches temperature leave the bottles in the oven for 10 minutes. Cool the bottles slightly before filling.


5 Responses to I Pomodori

  1. bettina says:

    love this post, makes me wish i was there. Looks like so much fun!

  2. Faustina says:

    Love this Lee! I’ve always love the tradition of Italian families that do this. As neither of us are Italian I put my hand up to be part of your next Passata! – Fx

  3. Yvonna Kerekes says:

    Your blog has encouraged me to try my hand at bottling tomatoes! Your styling is simple but exquisite – once again Lee congratulations on a job very well done. Cheers Yvonna

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