Its Feijoa season…”Hooray” all the Kiwis shout!

Autumn is feijoa season. I have seen them at the markets and at the fruit stores also…(I think Australia is finally catching on!)

I don’t think I have ever purchased feijoas from a store or market…just picked them straight from the tree, up off the ground/footpath or paid $2 into an honestly box for a huge bag on the side of the road.

Feijoas Web Photography By Brent ParkerJones 

They taste aromatic and sweet, like nothing else I’ve tasted before. When ripe, the fruit is soft to the touch, the pulp is a clear and the texture is kind of like jelly. They will ripen on the kitchen bench also. If the ‘jelly like’ pulp is brownish, it is past is best.

To be honest I haven’t ever cooked with them. “Eaten fresh is best” I say! Cut or torn in half and scooped out. YUM. I think I will have a day of making feijoa treats this weekend; I will keep you all posted.

Thanks Brent for bringing me these tasty little green beauties yesterday and photographing them for all to see.

I hope you all find a feijoa tree in your neighbourhood to raid!

Oh I forgot to say…I have had Feijoa Vodka. Delicious but be very careful!!


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  1. I am going to start it off – Nice one Lee Lee – The neighbourhood possums are bloody quick to get at them and knock the ripe ones off and only seem to eat half – hmmm – so the kitchen bench idea is a good option. The mind is ticking over for something other way to present them other than straight out of the skin – What about as a topping on fried cinnamon toast or is that to weird.
    P.S – I have had Feijoa Vodka after someone left a bottle of it in the freeze after a party at the bluehouse – Oh boy!!! the next day cure all.

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