Gosh this has been a long time coming but it’s a goodie…

I often frequent Pope Joan for a delish coffee and a natter to Rochelle, who is lucky enough to be working in the produce store Hams and Bacon. While sipping on a coffee, Rochelle INSISTED that I try a chocolate… a sugar free, raw chocolate!

Citizen Cacao is made locally. Down the road in Collingwood, by the lovely Georgie. So naturally this was going to be a new post for the blog.


Photography by Rochelle Seator

Styling By Lee Blaylock

Meeting Georgie was a wonderful experience, much like the one tasting her chocolate…originally from NZ; Georgie has been living for the past 10 years in NYC and Brooklyn. Lucky for us Melbournians, George moved her last year to set up a food truck but “accidentally started a raw chocolate company called Citizen Cacao…. so… no truck.”

Georgie is a warm and engaging woman with a world of knowledge on raw food and especially raw chocolate. Little did I know I was in for a chocolate making lesson.

When did you first start making raw chocolate?

I learned my craft on the bad streets of Williamsburg Brooklyn, working for an artisanal chocolate company, approx. 5 years ago now!

I couldn’t believe that you could achieve those kinds of flavours and textures from THREE main ingredients : Cacao/Cacao Butter/Coconut Oil/ … and Agave/coconut nectar … my mind was blown further when I learned of the health benefits of cacao as one of nature’s BEST super foods – stuffed full of antioxidants and magnesium, not to mention anandamide (aka the Bliss Chemical).. SO GOOD!


Can you tell us a little about raw food, what are the benefits?

It’s widely believed that eating raw food is incredibly beneficial to the body largely in relation to the natural enzymes that exist in plant-based foods. When you alter the natural state of the plant by heating it ABOVE a certain temperature (40C) – the nutritional benefit is often lost as these enzyme structures break down …however when you eat a ‘living food’ it feeds you an incredibly natural and vital meal which is gentle on your system, and jammed with all of the vitamins and minerals that most of us lack due to poor diets and food choices.

Fabulous name “Citizen Cacao” is there any back ground to this?

The name arrived via a long story, the most important part of which stems from a sincere philosophy that we all want to belong to something; we seek community, which in my opinion is a broader descriptor for Love. The word “Citizen” in Ancient Rome was used to describe someone who believed in the emancipation from the world of ‘things’. That idea resonated with me deeply, as I see how attached we are to objects and not each other. I hope that Citizen attracts people who are looking for an ‘US’ not a ‘ME’ and that they really enjoy chocolate.



Photography by Rochelle Seator

Styling By Lee Blaylock

What’s next for Citizen?

I am working on my wrapping skills.. so look out for some Citizen to go…. I have some Hot Chocolate mixes on the go…. and feel as though something will end up ‘dipped’… though one can never be sure!



Photography by Rochelle Seator

Styling By Lee Blaylock

Rochelle and I think this is only the beginning for this passionate and clever lady. We both wish you all the luck and love on your new journey in Melbs x


Tempted to seek out Citizen? Heres a list of flavours, I recommend trying them all…hey this CHOCOLATE is actually packed full of goodness and GUILT free…how cool is that !

Coconut Blossom Sugar/Chipotle/Sea-salt/Orange Pistachio Praline TRUFFLES and Blueberry/WildRice/Peanut Butter BARS

Citizen can be found in a growing number of cafes and grocers around Melbourne:

Hams and Bacon // Pope Joan 

Tomboy Cafe 

Proud Mary Coffee


Cheerio, 323 Lennox St. Richmond, VIC

Spring Street Grocer 

Vegetable Connection




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